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Britney Spears Settlement Talks With Tri Star

By Shawn Sanders  — September 16, 2022

Attorney’s for singer Britney Spears and her father Jamie Spears are discussing a remedy to end their contentious legal battle — sources with direct knowledge confirmed.

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Sources tell Media Music News … the pop star’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has reached out to both Jamie Spears attorney and attorney’s for Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group to some to a settlement. Remember, Rosengart has alleged that both Jamie and Tri Star have misappropriated massive amounts of money from the singer, an claim they have strongly denied.

Sources say a few months after the conservatorship ended November 2021, attorney for Jamie and Tri Star made an attempt to settle their differences, but Britney’s attorney was not interested in their offer and was going full steam ahead.

We’re told Britney’s attorney changed his mind roughly a month ago and offered to end the legal battle for a price of nearly $7 million. Sources also tell us attorney’s for Tri Star and Jamie desired to know how he came up with that figure, but Rosengart didn’t offer specifics, so they’re currently at an impasse.

We are told both sides are still open-minded about settling and, a source with direct knowledge mentioned — recently Rosengart reached out to Tri Star to move forward with a possible settlement.

We aren’t sure at this time if everyone is on the same page. Sources say Britney’s attorney is “scrambling” to come to an agreed settlement. A source associated with Britney, however, says Rosengart is in fact not scrambling and a general settlement discussion is standard operating procedure in any legal dispute.

Obviously the major point is how much will Jamie Spears and/or Tri Star be willing to pay out, and how much will the singer be willing to accept to put an end to this legal battle.

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