Britney Spears Rips Her Dad

Spears says she probably won’t ever perform again.

Spears says she probably won't ever perform again.

By Natalya Persons — September 12, 2022

Singer Britney Spears says most likely she will never perform on stage again and goes on to rip her dad and her conservatorship for the years of trauma she went through.

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The pop star took to Instagram on Sunday posting then deleted her frustration stating the fact that she had no control over her photoshoots and music videos while being in her conservatorship.

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Spears says she probably won't ever perform again.

Spears says the “so called” professional pictures she got while on tour were offensive, saying the least they could’ve done was touch them up.

The singer says she was constantly traumatized throughout her 13-year conservatorship and would rather hang it all up, also mentioning, “no I probably won’t perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point.”

The last time Spears performed live was 2017 which was the closing of her Vegas residency. Of course, she recently returned to music with a collaboration remix of Elton John‘s “Hold Me Closer.”

Fans were truly hoping Britney and Elton John would perfom live together sometime soon to perform their hit but according to Spears that’s not likely to happen.

Spears says she probably won't ever perform again.

The singer then points our attention to Jamie Spears, calling her dad out for a ad created for Pepsi put up in NYC that made her cry, saying she looked 80 years old.

She ends the rant towards her father saying “Kiss my God damn mother f***ing ass you f***ing bastard.”

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