BOIFRND (Singer) – Independent Artist

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BOIFRND (Singer) - Independent Artist

BOIFRND Real Name: Keishun Woods, & Quarneius Perkins

BOIFRND Hometown: Chicago, IL / Lexington, MS

BOIFRND Age / Born – Keishun (Jan. 31, 1999), Quarneius (Apr. 5, 1990)

BOIFRND Height: 5’ 7″

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BOIFRND Biography

BOIFRND is a African American, Chicago based, duo consisting of Singer, Songwriter, Engineer, Quarneius “Q. Shuntè” Perkins, and Vocal Music Educator, Singer, & Songwriter, Keishun “Keis” Woods. Both artist, decided to come together to create a movement through many genres of music. With inspirations ranging from Destiny’s Child, 112, Brandy, Tank, Miguel (just to name a few), they are destined for the greatness there is to come. And although they have very similar vocal types, their unique sound, catchy hooks, and overall music will make you remember their name.

Keishun “keis” Woods realized he could sing and had a very deep love connection with Opera / Classical music at a very young age. He has had years of training and learning different vocal techniques, so much that he eventually become a teacher of the art. On top of singing in a very popular duo, he sings from time to time with students he teach at Henry Hendricks Weddington School located in Chicago, IL.    

And being just as young as Keis was, Quarneius, known as Q. Shunte` grew up singing in the choir in every church he went and being in talent shows in almost every school he went to. And by the time he turned 14, he was already slowly but surely, teaching himself the harmonic styles of Destinys Child “The Writings On The Wall” album and Brandy “Full Moon” album. He groomed himself to be the very harmonious, shy, but in your face singer he is today and has learned so many different techniques from those artist.

Keis and Q. Shunte` eventually met through a mutual friend that Q. Shunte` happened to be filming a reality show with back in 2017. They formed a singing quartet with 2 other friends of Q. Shunte` which ended up falling through because of having different interest in careers. Another mutual friend later ran the idea of forming a duo by both members, and both members were down for the ride and are giving life and bringing back the feeling of real r&b/pop music.

BOIFRND has a sound, and presence that will truly have them loved and remembered forever, a legacy.  

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