Blogger Tasha K Ordered to Delete All Social Media Posts Defaming Rapper Cardi B

Blogger Tasha K Ordered to Delete All Social Media Posts Defaming Rapper Cardi B

By Media Music News – April 6, 2022

Legal battle between rapper Cardi B. and blogger Tasha K have finally come to a close but on Monday, a federal judge has ordered an injunction making it a requirement that the blogger delete all posts and videos that defame the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

This decision comes in the midst of Tasha K’s appeal stemming from the libel suit she faced back in January 2022 that found her responsible for “defamation, two additional forms of wrongdoing, invasion of privacy in a false representation, and intentional administering of emotional distress.” Per court documents obtained by TMZ, Tasha K has five days to delete all her social media accounts and YouTube page—unless she wins an appeal on the injunction. If she does find favor with the courts, she could possibly repost all the content all over again.

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As previously reported by Media Music News, in January, a federal judge ruled that blogger Tasha K had to pay the “UP” hip hop star $4.25 million for damages, punitive damages and legal fees. During this particular trial, which took place in a Georgia federal court, both Cardi B and blogger Tasha K took the stand. The rapper testified that she felt “suicidal” because of Tasha’s videos, noting that “only an evil person could do that shit.” When Tasha K took the stand, she initially admitted that she “knowingly published lies about Cardi B,” but tried to recant when questioned by her own lawyers, per Billboard.

Just before the judgement of an injunction, Cardi said goodbye to her official Twitter and Instagram accounts after exchanging harsh words with online trolls who wrote disrespectful things about her children.

“I’m deleting my twitter but On God I hate this fuckin dumbass fan base,” she tweeted just before deleting her entire Twitter account. It’s unknown whether or not she’ll return.

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