Angelo Pillon (Music Producer)

Italian Music Producer

Angelo Pillon (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Angelo Pillon Real Name: Angelo Pillon

Angelo Pillon Hometown: Venice, Italy

Angelo Pillon Age / Born – 28 June 1998

Angelo Pillon Height: 5’ 9″

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Angelo Pillon Biography

My name is Angelo Pillon and I’m a music producer born in Venice in Italy, I start studying piano and classical music at the age of 4 years old, especially Beethoven, Bach and Debussy were my favorites. I was so inspired by the music of The Beatles and John Lennon. While I was exploring the rock music world, at the age of 13 I decide to found a rock band named Sparkle Haze, and I was the songwriter and the guitarist.

In 2017 we release our first album called HEADLIGHT. I work with a lot of artist, I also worked as a ghostwriter for famous musician. in 2017 I decide to leave my band and work as a producer, especially for hip-hop and pop artists. In the meantime I graduate from the University of Bologna and did some exams at the conservatory of Venice.

Last year I decide to go out of my comfort zone and start to produce electronic music, in particular, melodic deep tech house music, mainly instrumental. I’m always experiment, trying to find new sounds and new ways of making any sounds I use more unique possible. 

One month ago I release my first solo album Afterhours Motel, the people who listened very appreciate it. I thinks it’s a very simple album but effective, very melodic and enjoyable.

Now I’m currently working on my projects and a new album of my friend and artist Dheva. All my music and my productions are also mixed and mastered by me. I love mixing music, I thinks its link mindfulness, and when mix starts sounding good the dopamine levels of my brain skyrockets. It really is a satisfying process. I love making music and I love thinking to the people having a good time listening to it, that’s what keeps me motivated. 

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