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Andrae Paris (Singer) – Independent Artist

American Singer

Andrae Paris Real Name: Andrae Paris

Andrae Paris Hometown: Dallas, Texas, United States

Andrae Paris Age / Born – 01/12/74

Andrae Paris Height: 6′ 3″

Andrae Paris Music Video

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Andrae Paris Biography

When it comes to Andrae Paris is very passionate about praise & worship. Psalms 150 is one of Andrae’s favorite scriptures. He strongly believes that God created man to praise and worship the Lord. Paris was born in Jacksonville, NC and raised in Waterbury, CT by his mother.

Paris mom saw to it that he was well-versed in the Christian faith from his early years on. At the age of 5, Paris began to display an interest in music and began playing the drums and organ. During hard times, his mother, recognizing Andrae’s anointed artistic talents and gifts. Paris was a natural musician who could play the organ by ear. At the age of 7 years old, he began playing the organ for the local church’s youth choir, and he started teaching his songs to them.

   Sensing a need for change, Paris’s mother found a better job in Texas, and the family moved there with great expectations. He became the Minister of Music for a local church at the age of 15 years old, and began teaching them music that he had written in addition to training their voices. 

His first album, “My Story”, received outstanding reviews from music critics. Because of the innovative sound and bass-line, fans old & young alike have been cheering for more. Paris received the 2013 Texas Chris Simpson Award for this project. On the aforementioned album, Andrae Paris also wrote & produced the album.

His Single entitled, “Favor” has won (2) 2022 Rythmn of Gospel Awards for the Inspirational Song of the Year and Contemporary Male Artist of the Year. His new Single entitled “He Wants It All” has already hit the Gospel Billboard Chart. He looks forward to his future as an artist, songwriter, and producer and says “the best is yet to come”.

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