Albeastmode (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

Albeastmode (Rapper) - Independent Artist

Albeastmode Real Name: Abigail

Albeastmode Hometown: Yoakum, Texas

Albeastmode Age / Born – January 16, 2000

Albeastmode Height: 6′ 0″

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Albeastmode Biography

Who is Albeastmode

Musician Albeastmode was earning her place in rap music by the age of 17 when she wrote her first verse to a song on a Final English assignment at her local high school in Yoakum Texas. The rapper continues sharping her skill as a songwriter. This is where she realized need to take music more serious.

Earlier life

Albeastmode was born on January 16 in 

New Branufels, Texas. Albeastmode moved to Yoakum Texas at the age of 5 to be closed to family. Albeastmode spent her early years playing sports at her local high in Yoakum Texas Where she graduated in 2018. Albeastmode waited until she was out of school before really taking music seriously.

At the age of 17 Albeastmode was in a car accident, lucky everyone was okay. At the age of 18 she was getting bullied in her local high school, she decided to show up in a Ferrari to prom. She was so good at tennis she had multiple offers come in from different colleges. Albeastmode decided to stay local and stay close to home, lucky she played tennis at the next level. At the age of 19 though 21 Albeastmode was in and out jail. She decided to write her first song behind bars call “21” when she got out, she hit the studio and recording it. Albeastmode decided to put out on her birthday to all platforms. she became a star overnight.

Hip Hop music career

With no major label to back her music she kept on making music while staying in college and work. She released hits like ‘island girl’, ’21’, and ‘Jesus Find Me’’ she also dropped 2 albums “Goat vs Goat” and “Underrated”. She was called the  best rapper in 361.

The journey became a bit different for the rapper as she bought and read books on marketing and how it works. By this time Albeastmode know she had her work cut out for her to learn more about the business of music. While going to college full time and work full time she realized it took her longer to understand it. Nevertheless she finally learned what was needed to be successful.

Personal life

Although Albeastmode is a private person and likes to keep her personal life as such, much of her personal life and passions are expressed in her music. Albeastmode love to give back to her community, church and more in her town. If she not doing that then she is outside fishing, hunting, traveling and walking on the beach.

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