Abiola Adeyeye – Independent Artist

Nigerian Singer

Abiola Adeyeye (Singer) - Independent Artist

Abiola Adeyeye Real Name: Abiola Adeyeye

Abiola Adeyeye Hometown: Ekiti State, Nigeria

Abiola Adeyeye Age / Born – 7 April, 1994

Abiola Adeyeye Height: 178 cm

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Abiola Adeyeye Biography

Abiola Adeyeye, is a performing and recording gospel artist whose life and music epitomized the importance of faith in God. He is a Nigerian-born contemporary singer who is currently based in Kingston, Ontario. As a dynamic and passionate worship leader, there are two factors which contribute immensely to Abiola’s music – his genuine love for God and a strong desire to grow in God’s word.

This makes it easy for him to flow in the gift of the spirit and to inspire his audience to worship God. He has featured as the lead vocalist in several concerts, outreaches, programs and more.
Abiola is the second born in a family of 5 children. His love for music starts from childhood. Despite being told that he cannot amount to anything musically, he remained resilient and undeterred in his musical pursuits.

He is privileged to have a loving parent who would give anything to see their children’s dream come true. Despite his love for music, Abiola has a penchant for success in all his endeavors. He is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry at the Ekiti state University where he graduated as the best student in his department. He moved to Kingston, Ontario in 2019, and completed his master’s program in 2021, at Queen’s University where he got a full scholarship for his study.

In his newly released music project, titled “Yes, it is done” and an upcoming project titled ‘All I see is love’, Abiola is set to storm the gospel music industry with melodious tunes that reiterates how God’s love supersedes our weaknesses and struggles. His life-long mission is to positively touch as many lives as possible with his giftings – of which music is one of them.
He is married to Chigozie and they both are blessed with a beautiful girl.

The duo (Abiola and Chigozie) are both committed to sharing God’s love through music and mentorships.

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