A Photo Of Rapper Drake And Taylor Swift Has Fans Wondering

Fans can’t seem to get over Drake’s latest Instagram post featuring singer Taylor Swift. This surprise photo is beyond some followers’ wildest dreams.
A Photo Of Rapper Drake And Taylor Swift Has Fans Wondering

By Media Music News – April 19, 2022

Fans definitely weren’t ready for this Instagram post.

On April 18, Drake randomly ended his evening by posting a carousel of photos on Instagram including a memory with his 4-year-old son Adonis. But as followers swiped through the images, the last photo stood out for a great reason.

Fans are wondering, why is the rapper posting a photo with Taylor Swift?!

“They too soft to understand the meaning of hard work,” Drake wrote that quickly received thousands of comments. “The King of Everything,” Nicki Minaj wrote while Kid the Wiz commended, “#NeverNotWorking.”

As for the Swifties, the rumors quickly switched into high gear with many fans guessing what the social media post could possibly mean or if a signature Taylor Easter Egg was included. But before the theories get too crazy, Media Music News has discovered it’s an old picture and they are not planning to collaborate.

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Rather, the two artist are only showing signs of good friendship who have remained supportive of each other’s careers over the years.

A Photo Of Rapper Drake And Taylor Swift Has Fans Wondering

Way back in 2011, Drake sent a tweet to the “Blank Space” singer that read, “@TaylorSwift13 I’m so proud of you.”  
In November 2016, the rapper also shared a mysterious Instagram post with Swift that was captioned, “Is that velvet?” They also sang each other’s songs in commercials for Apple Music that same year. 

And who can forget when Swift name checked the hip hop star in her Lover album track “I Forgot That You Existed,” where she sings: “In my feelings more than Drake.”

While both artists haven’t publicly commented on the speculation, there’s no doubt fans and followers will be investigating for more clues. You could say Media Music News knows the Swifties “All Too Well.” 

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