7eclipse 007 (Rapper) – Independent Artist

American Rapper

7eclipse 007 (Rapper) - Independent Artist

7eclipse 007 Real Name: Donald Ray McDuffie

7eclipse 007 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

7eclipse007 Age / Born – 01/07/1962

7eclipse 007 Height: 5′ 8″

7eclipse 007 Music Video

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7eclipse 007 Biography

Donald McDuffie as 7eclipse007

Birthrights 1962 the artist was born on January 7 as a sign of the times at GENERAL HOSPITAL

Boyle Height’s California. Connecting cities of LA into the Arts and HEARTS of Downtown LA as a baby taken down six street riding Cesar Chavez BL to Hoover Street.

LANDING on 79th street between Hoover and Figueroa Street.

BY THE AGE OF 2 Years Old

Katherine and Robert the Mother and Father had a second child name Michael They Moved to 85th place between Broadway and Hoover on 79st.


Timeline 1966 Donald attended Daycare in back of the 76street police station. In elementary living with Mother and Brother with both grandparents on 97th street in 1970s


Donald was going from Bret Heart Jr High to Washington High as his home school, short stay of three weeks, then transferring into Dorsey HS while living in the Jungles below Parkview Hills  on Crenshaw and Hills to University HS.

Playing football one year then transferred to Carson HS before entering Military Duties INSPIRED too but a home hoping on a VA LOAN.

1980s changing times to 1990s MUSIC Interest

AFTER the Military its trying football; playing for Cerritos College in Norwalk

Then came selling drugs in the streets around 92nd and 98th street until the set ups by LAPD and LASD GANG UNITS spying on our hoods this is when I was evolving into the James Bonding 007 of 2020 

Owner of Gumbo Planet TV Music 

Here’s the Keys just before the pandemic of 2019 Donald registered his business as an LLC Corporation allowing for SBA  funding and Government projects in security writings a documentary about COVID19  telling the story of his own book and sharing himself on TOURS Tic Tok; Starbucks shows to inspire contributions in GO FUND ME crypto currency 

This is our story our nations history doing the first NFT Deals; Getting paid bank statements and groundbreaking deposits.

METAVERSE book tours and more to help bring back the first West Coast RAP LABEL. Gospel.

VIG RECORDS/ Macola Records/ 

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