Lil Baby Loss A $600,000 Bet To Drake

Lil Baby Loss A $600,000 Bet To Drake

By Paulena Nuewensky — October 28, 2022

It is well known that one of the hobbies Lil Baby’s enjoys other than creating hit rap songs is gambling, which led to the rapper losing a large amount against Drake.

In Lil Baby’s leisure time, the Atlanta bred emcee likes to visit the nearby casino or place bets against his friends for enjoyment. Recently, he was a guest on Complex’s 360 Speedy Morman. During their discussion, they covered various topics, with one being his money.

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The BET Award winner was asked about placing bets against rapper Drake. Lil Baby recalls his first interaction with Michael Rubin last year during a trip to the Bahamas. He remembers meeting Rubin while he was in the midst of placing a bet against Drake and rapper Meek Mill. He admits that he lost the wager, which cost him a grand total of $600,000.

“S**t, I lost about $600,000. They say you gon’ lose more than you gon’ win, but over time, you can’t even remember, though. That’s the crazy part. I just feel like, if I’m lucky today, I’m lucky. If I’m not, I’m not,” he mentioned to Morman.

To just about anyone else that would be considered a huge loss, but not to the “Close Friends” emcee. He has a constant flow of money coming in, as he recently connected with singer Chris Brown for the One of Them Ones tour, released his new album It’s Only Me and has other business deals that are increasing his bag.

But don’t be mistaken, he does have lady luck on his side when it comes to gambling. According to reports, in August 2022, he won $1 million during a tour stop in Las Vegas and shared it with his team. is your go-to website for the best celebrity and entertainment news with real-life stories, shocking photos and must-see video. Like us on Facebook at and follow us from our main Twitter account at @MediaMusicNews.

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