Kanye West Stalls Divorce Case … Again

Kanye West Stalls Divorce Case ... Again

By Anastasia Clifton — October 27, 2022

Kim Kardashian is “desperate” to end her marriage with ex Kanye West but he has resumed stalling the divorce case, a source revealed to the press.

According to court documents Kardashian, 42, filed for divorce from West back in February 2021 after being married for seven years – and more than a year later, the reality star is extremely ready to make the divorce official.

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Kanye West Stalls Divorce Case ... Again

Even though Ye is insisting he wanted to fast-track the divorce, he continues to cause several delays due to his possible mental issues.

The rapper and fashion designer took weeks to file his declaration of disclosure, and so far has lost six lawyers in the process as many have found it hard to work with him.

West most recent Lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, confirmed that he is no longer representing the belligerent star.

His divorce attorney, who is based in Los Angeles, Nick Salick, is still believed to be working on the divorce.

According to reports on Thursday, Salick is anxious to help settled both a child custody and property agreements, although no additional papers have been filed.

When asked several times if he is still represents Kanye West, his office refused to confirm or deny, telling the media: “We cannot comment at this time.”

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However, on October 17, Salick submitted Kanye’s financial information, which included his income, expenses, assets and debts.

But now that Adidas and Gap terminated their partnerships this week as well as a number of businesses distanced themselves from the rapper, his legal counsel may decide to resubmit the filing.

The “Heartless” rapper is no longer on the Forbes Billionaires’ list, and wrote on social media: “I lost 2 billion dollars in one day.”

Back in November 2021 Kim Kardashian filed her initial financial disclosures.

Ye’s recent anti-semitic rants sparked an outcry all around America, with his Kim also posting her support for the Jewish community, although she kept Kanye out of any mentions.

According to a source “Kim’s statement was simple and straight-forward because she’s afraid to speak out against him until the divorce is finalized, as she’s “desperate” to legally part ways”.

“She is so focused on getting the divorce and finally being able to have him out of her life,” the source said.

“But she knows that if she were to now say anything, he could kick off and then she would be looking at another year of this.

“The only thing that matters to her is getting that divorce done now. She just can’t risk any last minute surprises from him.

“I think technically the divorce goes ahead even if has little to do with it, but she’s afraid that if she pushes his buttons now he will find a way to contest it or something.”

A two-day trial is set for December 14, 2022 to settle their divorce, and it could continue to move forward even if Kanye decides not to show up, at that point Kim could get whatever she asks for.

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