Record Labels Warn Rapping and Singing Robots Will Take Human Jobs

The Recording Industry Association of America has warned that ARTIFICIAL intelligence is threatening the music industry, harming US artists and could take away human jobs.

Record Labels Warn Rapping and Singing Robots Will Take Human Jobs

By Roger Hurghen — October 24, 2022

As recent as the start of October, the RIAA has issued a review of notorious markets to the Office of the US Trade Representative, detailing a list of online markets it considers to be causing “significant harm to the US music industry” through copyright infringement. 

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Record Labels Warn Rapping and Singing Robots Will Take Human Jobs
The RIAA is accusing several AI music platforms of copyright infringementsCredit: AFP
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According to reports, in the RIAA review, they outlined several torrent websites, stream-ripping websitesmusic download platforms, and cyberlockers as active members of the threat. 

Most particular however, the RIAA put the spotlight on artificial intelligence based “extractors/mixers” as harmful to the music industry as well. 

“There are online services that, purportedly using artificial intelligence (AI), extract, or rather, copy, the vocals, instrumentals, or some portion of the instrumentals (a music stem) from a sound recording, and/or generate, master or remix a recording to be very similar to or almost as good as reference tracks by selected, well known sound recording artists,” the RIAA wrote

“To the extent 13 these services, or their partners, are training their AI models using our members’ music, that use is unauthorized and infringes our members’ rights by making unauthorized copies of our members works.”

“In any event, the files these services disseminate are either unauthorized copies or unauthorized derivative works of our members’ music.” 

The services the RIAA flagged specifically are: 

  • Acapella-extractor
  • Remove-Vocals
  • Songmastr

Particularly, the RIAA is pointing out their issue with the platform’s use of “unauthorized copies” of vocal or instrumental recordings. 

According to the October report, the RIAA requests that the services be included in the 2022 Notorious Markets List, which claims they “engage in the unlicensed reproduction, creation of derivative works, streaming, and/or distribution/downloading or other unauthorized dissemination of sound recordings that significantly damage the rights of U.S. companies, and/or also engage in circumvention activities that violate 17 USC § 1201.”

The RIAA highlight that these services “harm U.S. artists, songwriters, record labels, and music publishing companies” through the reported copyright infringement and “artificially distorting the market value of the music, thereby reducing the compensation to the creators and owners from licensed services.” 

Within the same report, the RIAA pointed out a 2021 report by the Department for Professional Employees that alleged digital theft – such as illegal downloads and streaming which has cost at least 290,000 jobs as well as $29 billion in lost revenue annually “in the film and television industry alone.” 

The use of artificial intelligence in creative industries has received mixed reviews from its peers, as many worry about the possibility of losing their jobs. 

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