Kanye West Says ‘That Cop Didn’t Kill George Floyd’

Kanye West Says 'That Cop Didn't Kill George Floyd'

By Kyle Locford — October 16, 2022

Rapper Kanye West is speaking out and he is definitely giving a few people a piece of his mind, especially with thoughts in particular about George Floyd, which he’s taken a lot of heat for right now.

Ye sat for an interview with N.O.R.E. on ‘Drink Champs‘ and during their discussion, West spoke a lot of his truth which include his alliance with Candace Owens and what she is selling in her new documentaryThe Greatest Lie Ever Sold,’ which is about Black Lives Matter.

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Kanye West Says 'That Cop Didn't Kill George Floyd'
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Specifically, Ye reiterates a point Candace made which is that, from her point of view, George Floyd’s death was a result of a drug overdose and other preexisting health conditions such as heart disease which is contrary to Derek Chauvin pinning him down with his knee for at least 9 minutes.

It’s also something Chauvin’s defense attorney argued in court, regardless of expert witnesses testifying and disproving that which in the end the jury believed through their verdict.

It comes at no surprise that West is getting crucified for this on Twitter but it’s not the only controversial thing he discussed on ‘Drink Champs.’ He also called out Pete DavidsonTrevor NoahDiddyMeek MillJay-Z and his ex, Kim Kardashian mentioning a lot of serious accusations.

He also made references to the Jewish religion several times, again maintaining that anti-Semitic tropes “run the media” and are out to program people to believe that he is an abuser which is something he has openly rebuked. The rapper also called Pete Davidson a “heroin addict” and criticized the recent fireplace tribute played on reality show “The Kardashians.”

Kanye also took aim at some of his own peers in the music business such as Diddy and Meek Mills. He called them ‘fake hard’, and suggest that one or both of them are a “fed.”

Lastly, Ye seemed to suggest that rapper Drake had sex with Kris Jenner, apparently confirming it when he brought up her current boyfriend’s name, Corey Gamble. He went on to say that Drake is the greatest rapper ever and even mentioned getting Drake’s address on Google.

The rapper said so much more including his problems about JP Morgan Chase, MAGA, the Clintons, vaccines, White Lives Matter, etc. The full episode aired on Revolt TV Sunday.

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