Singer Madonna Appears To Declare “I’m Gay”

Singer Madonna Appears To Declare "I'm Gay"

By Barbara Middleton — October 9, 2022

It is believed that singer Madonna has come out as a gay woman … quite possibly.

The singer posted a video on TikTok Sunday that has fans and followers curious. The video footage shows her throwing some panties towards a trash can which she captioned “If I miss, I’m Gay!” Her shot falls short of going into the trash can which the camera went back to Madonna, who walks away after shrugging.

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This could be good news for the LGBTQ community if it is true. At face value, it seem as if she could be coming out as lesbian or at the least, bi-sexual but we are still unclear if it is true or not.

The pop star has shown signs in the past that she may be into women and there is proof. In Madonna music career she has locked lips with a few significant women including Nicki Minaj, but more unforgettably Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Singer Madonna Appears To Declare "I'm Gay"

During the 2003 VMAs it was highlighted when she kissed both singers Spears as well as Aguilera onstage which she explained as passing the Queen of Pop torch. It is worth mentioning that Madonna kissed Britney again this year during Spears wedding.

As far as we know, Madonna has only been intimate with men, we think. The singer’s been romantically linked to some noteworthy celebrities over the years which includes Dennis RodmanTupacMichael JacksonVanilla Ice and others.

Singer Madonna Appears To Declare "I'm Gay"

The “Express Yourself” singer was married to Sean Penn, plus Guy Ritchie with whom she had a child. Madonna also had kids with other men as well as adopted some.

While it has been noted that she’s been dating younger men, we’ve never heard her confirm a relationship with a lady. However, this could change in the near future. is your go-to website for the best celebrity and entertainment news with real-life stories, shocking photos and must-see video. Like us on Facebook at and follow us from our main Twitter account at @MediaMusicNews.

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