Rapper Deveondi Files Missing Persons Report As He Looks for His Estranged Father

Rapper says he hasn’t seen nor heard from his dad in the past 4 years.

Rapper Deveondi Files Missing Persons Report As He Looks for His Estranged Father

By Roger Hurghen — June 27, 2022

The last time Deveondi saw his estranged father was in the Summer of 2018 where they both attended a party at the home of a close member of their family. The now 67-year-old man seemed to be in good health at the time despite past struggles with drug addiction and major brain surgery, but then he vanished without a trace.

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As of 2022 there are more than 17,000 missing person cases and 13,000 unidentified body cases that remain open in the United States. The first time the rapper was made aware of his father being missing was in 2020 when his mom called to inform him of the news.

“When I received that phone call from my mom, honestly I disregarded it because my father and I have not had a good relationship since I was about 8 or 9-years-old. My attitude towards him wasn’t positive so I remember asking my mother what does she expect me to do for a man that didn’t do much for me?”

The ‘Dear DJ’ rapper continued, “Before my son was born in 2012, I already had so many reasons to be angry with my dad but after my son was born I became very angry with him because there is no way I would ever leave my son in a world like we live in to have to do it by himself”. 

On Wednesday June 1, 2022, nearly two years after Deveondi received the phone call that his father is missing, he decided to officially report his father as a missing person.

“Even though I don’t have a relationship with my dad, I decided that it was time to forgive him for real this time and I realized the first step to doing this is to get to know him better. I reached out to a few trusted family members to ask what really happened when I was a kid from their points of view. The information I received back caused me to look at things a bit differently which prompted me to call in missing persons to get to the bottom of what really happened or did not happen to him”.

We are unclear if Deveondi has located his father with the help of missing persons in Atlanta, Georgia. Media Music News reached out to the rapper for a update but have not received a response.

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