Rapper Roddy Ricch Arrested; Gun Charges

By Lewis Litbetter — June 12, 2022

Unfortunately rapper Roddy Ricch won’t be gracing the stage for his Governor’s Ball performance in NYC today. Instead, hip hop star is in NYPD custody for several gun charges … Media Music News has learned.

Over the weekend Ricch and his crew were held up at a security checkpoint for the large festival happening in Queens, New York, and according to police sources, cops say they found a loaded gun inside the car he was taking to the show. Police say there was about 9 rounds of ammo as well as a large capacity magazine.

We’re also told the “4 Da Gang” rapper was arrested, along with 2 other people riding in the car. The rap star’s been hit with four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device and unlawful possession of that device.

Official of the festival had to break the news to fans ahead of his live performance.

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The Governor’s Ball had some difficult occurrences this weekend. After Migos cancelled earlier last week, rapper Lil Wayne signed on to fulfill their headlining position — but hours before Wayne’s Friday night set, he also pulled out due to a “flight problem.”

Rapper A$AP Ferg then stepped in for Lil Wayne’s slot. It is unclear as of yet on who, if anyone, will be able to replace Ricch.

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