EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Deveondi Opens Up About Moving From Hometown Atlanta Because His Life Was Possibly In Danger

By Barbara Middleton – May 27, 2022

Following the murder of Atlanta rap legend Archie Eversole, hip hop star Deveondi says he can’t be silent any longer about the importance about these seemingly tragedies happening in the music industry, specifically among rappers.

While there are a tremendous amount of fans showing love and paying  tributes, even hosting candlelight vigils for the late rapper Eversole along with other hip hop artist we’ve lost in the past two years, it has not been enough to stop the violence. Deveondi, a well known rapper also from Atlanta, says that he too feared for his own life while living in his hometown.

“I love my city, but fortunately I have been watching the industry very close and I couldn’t help but notice some similar moves being made right around me. This prompted me to make a move of my own — far far away from the stupidity”.

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The ‘Take Me Seriously‘ rapper continued, “I went on high alert when a long time friend, also in the music industry, tried to get me to commit a series of crimes which I declined every time. It threw me for a loop because he knows I am so far removed from being a hood ni**a. That plus certain other negative people from my past starting to loom around me, I said to my son, we are getting out of here ASAP”.

It is fortunate for the hip hop star that he has made a very wise decision to relocate to another U.S city. “Us artist need to see ourselves for who we really are and what we have worked so hard to become. We take the hard road to build our dreams, others who may have been friends before did not. Here is some wisdom for y’all — When your playground changes, your playmates change too. Be wise. Staying in your home town or neighborhood for others rappers in particular, hasn’t been the best outcome”.

RIP (Rap In Peace) Archie and all the other fallen rappers.

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