Hype Man Flava Flav Has A 3-Year-Old Son, Paternity Test Revealed

By Logan Willard – May 19, 2022

Hype man Flavor Flav has a new child to support – after the rapper took a paternity test, it’s been confirmed he has a 3-year-old son, who will now bear Flav’s last name.

Flava Flav son’s name is Jordan and his maternal grandparents, Barry and Parchi, tell Media Music News, their daughter, Kate, used to be the Public Enemy hype man’s manager for a few years – a period during which they had a romantic relationship.

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Kate, who no longer works for Flav got pregnant at some point and had Jordan, but for a long while, we’re told Flav was unsure if the kid was his son.

However, since then, the grandparents of Jordan tell us Flava Flav submitted DNA which lined up with Jordan’s. Sooo, as we have it … Flava Flav is the father!!!

A source say that child support and a custody arrangement have been established. From the looks of it, Flav is spending more quality time with Jordan these days — he’s taught him how to play the drums a bit — and the rapper’s talked to Kate about Jordan taking his last name, Drayton.

Sources also revealed they’ve already filed legal docs to make it official, and there will be a court hearing later this year. After this paternity test, this is Flav’s eighth child.

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