Rap Trio Migos Breakup Rumors Spark After Rapper Offset Unfollows Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram

By Sebastian Ellenton – May 18, 2022

Is it over for rap trio Migos?

On Wednesday (May 18), Twitter account @Kurrco brought to the attention of their followers that rapper Offset had unfollowed group members Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram. Generally seen as a sign that a breakup of some sort is near, naturally, rumors began to spread that the rappers are breaking up.

“Migos done finally split up lol damn,” one observer tweeted.

“Migos breaking up would be worse than the Beatles,” another observer typed.

“Rap is dying. thug arrested, migos may have split, keed died, wtf is goin on this week man,” someone else contributed to the Twitter conversation.

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The news of possible problems within the rap group comes the same day that it was announced that rappers Quavo and Takeoff will be dropping new music as a duo called Unc and Phew, a reference to their family bond. The new song is titled “Hotel Lobby.” We are not yet sure if this played a role in any friction that may be occurring.

Previously, the Migos seemed as close as any music group, with each members releasing their own solo albums and group projects, including their most recent LP, Culture III, in 2021. During an interview, the trio talked about sticking together despite working separately.

“This shit is just showcase,” Offset mentioned of the solo releases. “We just wanted to show the world that it can be done and you still be home team. But the group is for all the shit.”

“All of the great groups that we’ve seen have never let their group be what they could have been,” Quavo continued. “Ain’t nothing gonna stop us but us and God. Everything else is in this water.”

Media Music News has reached out to the Migos’ representatives for comment.

See more reactions to the talks of a Migos split below.

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